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Message from the National President

Warm Greetings of Peace and Happiness.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said;

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm and dedication” .  While Paul Gilbert emphasized, “Efficiency is the ability to do the job well, plus the desire to do it better” and Howard Newton added; “People forget how fast you did the job, but they remember how well you did it .”  These words of wisdom aptly described the 2019-2020  IWCPI Leadership.   This is an incredibly exciting time to be involve and be active in this great organization, not only because of the rich legacy left behind by the past leaders but especially that the incoming leadership, as early as now, confronted with the challenging task of charting a new direction, have demonstrated their commitments and decisiveness.  Already envisioning a series of innovative humanitarian service programs, as they share their valuable time in touching hearts and transforming lives.

My Vision for the year:

A famous Management Guru of the times, Stephen Covey stated: “Begin with an end in mind”. I am looking forward to an Inner Wheel Year … that is a more United Inner Wheel Clubs of the Philippines, Strengthened by Friendship in Service to the Community.

My Mission for the year:

Promote interaction among Districts and Clubs to enhance awareness; strengthen participation & collaboration in all Inner Wheel activities for Organizational Growth and Success.


Message from the National Editor


Message from the National Conference Over-all Chairman