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Message from the National President

For decades, Inner Wheel has been touching countless of lives in different countries all over the world.  We are a Global Family that lives by our spirit of service.  We are committed to our goal of improving the cultural social, economic and spiritual conditions of people.  We are proponents of international harmony and friendship.

This year, our uplifting theme further unites us into action and service.  “Empower and Evolve”

For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and discipline.

— 2nd Timothy 1:7

Now is the best time to be empowered an empower others to evolve.  Our Inner Wheel family is comprised of diverse successful and accomplished women from various industries.  Through our programs, let us serve as the light of hope for those who are struggling to find strength in their everyday lives.  May our journey inspire others to discover power within themselves.  Let our storeis of triumph and failure lead others to the inner fortitude they seek.

Be empowered to evolve! As change is the only constant in the world, let us evolve with the times.  After all, we are perpetual students.  Through continuous learning, we will be able to serve and reach out to more generations, especially the youth.  Let the Inner Wheel advocacies and spirit of service reach the other side of every divide.

The Inner Wheel Clubs of the Philippines has been soaring high because of the hard work and dedication of our past national presidents, officers and committed members.   They have built a strong foundation for our organization.   It is an honor to be given the opportunity to continue their leadership and lasting legacy.

This year, one of our main objectives is to sharpen the systems we have in place and to further hone the corporate professionalism of our organization.  We also seek to partner with more organizations in implementing our Inner Wheel mission.  Let us work with like-minded people who share our goals, positive message and spirit of service to reach more people and to help make the  world a better place.

Let us  dedicate this year to Empower and Evolve ourselves and others!


National President. IWY 2018-2019

Message from the National Editor

“Empower and Evolve”

IWCPI celebrates International Peace Day