“Empower and Evolve”

Winston Churchill, Great Britain’s former Prime Minister once noted,’ To each there comes in their lifetime a special moment when they are offered a chance to do a very special thing unique to them and fitting their talents. Others find themselves unprepared and unqualified for which could have been their defining moments.’ For me, the time has come, for I have been given the tough task of leading the Inner Wheel Clubs of the Phil’s., Inc., as the National President for IWY 2018-2019 and which theme is ‘EMPOWER & EVOLVE’.


Together, let us be inspired with its Acronym and adopt these principles so that our team  will develop and increase our productivity & make a difference in the lives of the people in  communities we serve. “For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and discipline.” —2nd Timothy 1:7:


E – Environment of Growth _ Let us create an environment of growth for the people we lead. A learning environment is indispensable. Read to grow in our personal lives. Listen to broaden our perspective. Think to apply what we have learned. Therefore, let us continue supporting our Leadership Seminar. That’s the way it is, successful people live in an environment of growth.

M – Motivation_ I once read and learned that’ Motivation is like a tide. It raises everyone up when it comes in’. Let us motivate. Let us inspire our officers and members by word or by deed so they too will reinforce their efforts to be the best they can be and better serve the communities with sustainable projects and programs.

P – Power of Purpose_ In my everyday life, I have learned that: A purpose may motivate you. A purpose will keep your priorities straight. A purpose will develop your potential. A purpose will give you the power to live in the present. These and many more. So, let us evaluate what our purposes are , and why we joined the Inner Wheel and give them our best shot.

O – Overcoming Low Morale_ When the morale in our club is low, the only way to get the ball rolling is to start pushing it. Create the Initiative. Have you been in a situation lately that you feel lethargic and you feel you club members have no energy? Make yourself energetic. Be a dynamo.

W- Willing to Make Decisions_ If you want to lead well, be willing to make tough decisions. If you risk and win, then the others will gain confidence in you and you create a legacy of leadership.

E – Excellence_ Let excellence be the seal of everything we say and do. Let us give our best and trust God to do the rest.

R – Reality_ Let us move our organization forward and translate our vision to reality. Let our IW Vision lift us above our Mission and our Constitution and By Laws. Let us be a dynamic organization of women leaders.


E –  Extraordinary_ Extraordinary is the word, exceptional, outstanding, brilliant! Why settle for ordinary, ordinary people, ordinary organizations. All you need to do to make the big difference and all it takes is a little extra, I.e., a little extra attitude and a little extra planning. Attitude determines how you do it. For extra planning, prepare lists of what you have to do and want to do. That’s it. Let us all have our Planning and be extraordinary.

V – Vision_ Let us not be too interested in what is happening now. We should be more interested in what will happen next. Let us see further, see more and see before others see. We see IWCPI better next year and the years to come than we see it now. Why? Because, we can make it possible and we will make it possible.

O – Others _ The sign of a good member is not what she accomplishes on her own but what she has done with others. It feels good to share a laugh as well as to share a tear. Let us work together as a team. Think about it.

L – Listen_ We should have ears to hear. Remember, a leader ‘goes to school’ on the experience of others. We should listen and respond to honest feedbacks and good suggestions.

V – Venture_ We believe and so many do, that life without risk is not worth living. The path towards success have some bumps along the way. We go the extra mile if we want our organization to go further down the road.

E – Encourage Change_ Let us encourage change because change is growth. Change when we need it but not change when we want it. Change when we see the light but not when we feel the heat. Most of all, let us change first before we expect others to do same. Let us do it!

This IWY 2018-2019, please be with me to aim among others the following:

  1. Recruitment of members should be based on quality not on quantity.
  2. Programs and Projects should be sustainable as much as possible.
  3. Increase the collective impact of Inner Wheel on the public with a program on Public Awareness.
  4. To partner with other organizations in our quest to serve more and to serve best.
  5. Contribute to the preservation of Mother Earth by planting trees in our respective environments.
  6. A more cohesive, united, inspiring Inner Wheel organization to impress upon other women to volunteer their time, talents and resources with Inner Wheel in their selfless service to the communities

To end: Winston Churchill said, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

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