The Inner Wheel Clubs of the Philippines, Inc. (IWCPI) organized the school in 1974 as a service to  the community.  This is a non-profit project of the IWCPI.  The minimal income generated from the tuition are spent    for the cost of   education, salaries of teachers and staff, utilities, building and ground maintenance, supplies and other  miscellaneous expenses necessary  for the operation of the school.



The world into which our children will grow should be one in which they may realize their potential for development and progress. They may realize these abilities, if the generations of today will recognize the rights and meet the needs of our children.

The Inner Wheel Clubs of the Philippines, Inc. believes in the child’s:

  • Right to affection, love and understanding
  • The right to adequate nutrition and medical care
  • The right to full opportunity for play and recreation
  • The right to learn to be a useful member of society
  • And to develop individual abilities

The Inner Wheel Clubs of the Philippines, Inc. would like to demonstrate its effort at working towards creating a secure and happy future for our children; for we owe to the children the best we have to give them.


General Objectives

To provide children with a consistent, nurturing and significant learning environment through which they may experience educational activities and develop their cognitive, psycho-motor and effective skills.

Specific Objectives

  • To engage the child in formal learning that is relevant to his concrete experiences: e.g. transactions with people, other living creatures, things and materials.
  • To assist the child in the formulation and elaboration of experience in words and numbers which become a part of the child’s working equipment for understanding and ordering events and in logical and imaginative thinking.
  • To provide a stable yet variable framework which gives the child a sense of order and organization.
  • To provide opportunities for socialization with children and teachers of diverse cultural, ethnic and economic backgrounds so that they may learn from each other about the varieties of human condition.
  • To maintain close liaison with parents and can serve as valuable source of parental education (and parental education of teachers) through parent participation directly in classroom work of the school.



  1. Age: 3 ½ to 6 years old by June 2017
  2. Duly certified copy of birth certificate
  3. Report card- if child has attended other class
  4. Reservation Fee – P 1,000.00 (Part of Tuition)
  5. Two (2) pcs. 1×1 ID picture with name of applicant written at the back for the application form

For more information call us at 895-8183 or 899-6342.