Message from the National Editor

Welcome to our National Website!

This is the site where we can post our accomplishments, announcements and news to share with our organization. Through your articles, we are able to inform each other of the on goings in our District.  Through your news, we are able to connect the members with one another. And through your updates, we are able to encourage and uplift each other as we accomplish our projects in our Districts.

As your National Editor, allow me to present the following guidelines on the submission and posting of articles:

  1. You may submit articles pertaining to the projects you have accomplished. Each article must be accompanied by a maximum of three (3) pictures. Please make sure that the pictures are “action” pictures and not “posed” pictures. A caption describing the picture is essential.
  2. Please write your articles concisely and straight to the point. The 5 Ws – What, Where, When, Who and Why– are the important questions that should be answered in your write up. Stick to the facts.
  3. Articles should be in Word (.doc) format. Pictures should be in .jpg form
  4. Please proof read, proof read, proof read! Check and double check your articles before submitting.
  5. Date of submission: September 25, 2018
  6. Please send your articles to this Email address:
  7. As a final note, do share meaningful updates. Your articles should be directly related to what the  clubs projects in your Districts  are  currently engaged in or have just accomplished.  We should be happy  to share:
    • How we practice “Selflessness in Friendship” among members.
    • how we serve our marginalized sectors.
    • how we spread love and joy to our beneficiaries through our service.

There are people, places, events that influence our lives, make us act, and give us joy. It is our hope and goal that our Newsletter will make you proud as an Inner Wheel member.  It is our mission to show that we are empowered and evolved!

Looking forward to your articles!





National Editor and Media Manager
IWY 2018-2019

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