Message from the National President

Warm Greetings of Peace and Happiness.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said;

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm and dedication” .  While Paul Gilbert emphasized, “Efficiency is the ability to do the job well, plus the desire to do it better” and Howard Newton added; “People forget how fast you did the job, but they remember how well you did it .”  These words of wisdom aptly described the 2019-2020  IWCPI Leadership.   This is an incredibly exciting time to be involve and be active in this great organization, not only because of the rich legacy left behind by the past leaders but especially that the incoming leadership, as early as now, confronted with the challenging task of charting a new direction, have demonstrated their commitments and decisiveness.  Already envisioning a series of innovative humanitarian service programs, as they share their valuable time in touching hearts and transforming lives.

My Vision for the year:

A famous Management Guru of the times, Stephen Covey stated: “Begin with an end in mind”. I am looking forward to an Inner Wheel Year … that is a more United Inner Wheel Clubs of the Philippines, Strengthened by Friendship in Service to the Community.

My Mission for the year:

Promote interaction among Districts and Clubs to enhance awareness; strengthen participation & collaboration in all Inner Wheel activities for Organizational Growth and Success.

This year our IIW President Phyllis Charter for 2019 – 2020 has given the world our Inner Wheel Theme, where I believed she felt IW greatest strength. A theme that will bring Inner Wheel into a brighter and momentous new age. This theme for this IW year is quite simple and yet powerful, which will be our guide in our vision, mission as IW members.   It will be:


    • In our Clubs
    • In our Districts
    • In our Community
    • In the Whole World


    • Share
    • Learn
    • Inspire
    • Motivate
    • Celebrate our success at the end of our term


    • Press for Change
    • Press for Growth
    • Press for Progress
    • Press for Self-fulfillment & joy in helping the marginalized sectors of society

“TOGETHER WE CAN” – For we can only be great as the Dream we envision. So have great dreams, starting from within. 

“TOGETHER WE CAN” – Reawaken in each and every members unconditional voluntary service with our 3 T’s as we rekindle the fire of interest and enthusiasm in the hearts of our Members: Love and Friendship for each other and the Countrymen at large.  

“TOGETHER WE CAN” – Remain faithful and uphold our IWC Pledge as we live our shared Vision, Mission & Core Values.  

My GOALS for the year: 

In everything that we do especially in our Service to Humanity, I call on all of you to be:

1. Proactive to be led by our DCs of all 9 Districts: We can talk about what we have done for the last 53 years of our IWCPI existence, but we cannot stand looking with our back of the future. Being Proactive, calls for Inner Wheel members who are not afraid of Change, who are not afraid to try something NEW and to think “Big, Start Small and Act Fast”.

This year we are in full implementation of the latest summit conducted & we all thank these Leadership group for their commitment, time & efforts. Allow me to call on the Nat’l Leadership Training Committee group and give them a round of applause for their continuing Selfless Service Commitment, Passion and Dedication to IWCPI.

2. Quality Membership

    • Support & strengthen Clubs by making your meetings under District and Club levels interesting. Possibly involve each one because “Unity is Strength” and “Make the Friendship Positive” at all times.

    • Encourage each member to bring one new quality member with an incentive, if possible.

    • Sponsor or co-sponsor a new Club. d. On Membership – We talk about recruitment and retention to strengthen the club with increase in membership. The bottom line is one must be a good leader in IWCPI because a good Leader is:

      • Accountable to all

      • Ready to face challenges

      • Demands the right spirit to inspire others to work together towards

      • Their common goals & aspiration.

      • Must have the ability to see when to stand up with the conviction to do it & willingness to take the risk

      • Must be concern & leads by example & an inspiration to all.

      • Must project self-confidence.

      • She goes beyond words & think of the bottom line.

      • Has the ability to say it, plan it & determined to succeed

      • This is the quality that separates the doers from the rest.

      • The leaders think Big / Start Small / Act fast!!!

      • Determines the quality & quantity of her accomplishments!!

      • Leaders go beyond goals.

      • Leaders create awareness & unity altogether and take action in doing well and serving the community where WE BELONG.

3.  Maintain a Strong, United & Effective Club Projects in all NDP & Ecosoc Projects and to support IIW Social Project Care for Girls and Women.

4.  Continue on all National Directed Projects. Adapt & partner with Barangays, Department of Health, LGUs on our National Directed Projects. I selected Health to put on priority because of my profession. Partnership with the following Foundation:

    • Resources for the Blind – A foundation catering for Disease of the Eyes in Children
    • Project Smile – Libreng Operasyon with the Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce (Phil.) Inc
    • Kapampangan Development Foundation San Fernando Pampanga under PDG Benny Ricafort Foundation (KDF)
    • Operation for Cataract / Cleft Palate / Hip & Artificial Leg Replacement; Wheelchairs donation.
    • Give To Asia Foundation – Prosthetic Extremities Donation and Medicines.

5.  Red Cross partnership

    • Bloodletting activity
    • Good Samaritan membership
    • Disaster Management Seminar

6.  Sustain the different signature Projects of all the Clubs with tangible results and high impact to beneficiaries and encourage to adopt Environmental and Climate Change Protection Projects (starting a Disaster Seminar).

7.  Give emphasis on our IIW Social Projects for 2018-2021 – Care for Girls (Children) and Women. The following are projects to be suggested:

    • Nutrition and Education
    • Immunization
    • Birth Kits (clean)
    • How to prevent mother to infant Tetanus and HIV transmission (Seminar)
    • Encourage Breast Feeding and explain its medical values.
    • Cancer Breast Screening and Awareness Seminar
    • Clinical Breast examination and biopsy if needed.
    • Regular check-up for women especially for Pap smear to prevent cancer of the cervix.
    • Measures to protect mother and infant in acquiring diseases (Dengue and others)
    • Hygiene and Sanitation Seminar
    • Magna Carta on Women’s Rights
    • Seminar on Awareness on Human Trafficking. It is a problem in the Philippines.

8. Develop future leaders by continuing education on Leadership Development.

9. Attendance and participation on Clubs, Districts and National Activities as mandated.

10.  Support at least 2 Special Projects per year

    1. Botika sa Bakuran / Herbal Gardening
    2. Toy Library
    3. Solar Lighting
    4. Newborn Screening test for (Home Deliveries)
    5. Newborn Hearing Test (Home Deliveries)

As a guide and direction, please refer to the seventeen (17) goals of the United Nations Development Program in transforming our world: most specially along these ten important concerns and issues on poverty: 

  • Hunger – 5.9 million children malnourish under 5y/o
  • Health
  • Education – 885 million people illiterate and of which 2/3 are girls. Thus the need to teach girls to read & write
  • Climate change
  • Gender equality
  • Water
  • Sanitation
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Social justice

These My Friends and Colleagues in IWCPI, are our aspirations and goals for This exciting and meaningful year together 2019 – 2020. “Together We Can” contributes to make our world, a better place to live in, as targeted by the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals. 

Expanding our horizon to give substance by deeds not words, to the Inner Wheel Cred: “Selflessness in friendship and service to humanity”.  May God Almighty bless us all, as we unite all our efforts in the same direction.                              

Mabuhay sa ating lahat and God Bless us all!

National President
IWY 2019/20