District 377

District 377 is second largest among the 9 districts when it comes to number of clubs and members. It caters to the needs of communities in Isabela with 4 clubs, Nueva Ecija has 4 clubs and Bulacan with 11 clubs. The district has Region 2 and Region 3 as its territorial areas for friendship and service. It is composed of 19 clubs with 291 members:

1. IWC Alicia
2. IWC Balagtas
3. IWC Cabanatuan
4. IWC Malolos
5. IWC Marilao
6. IWC Metro Guimba
7. IWC Meycauayan Mother
8. IWC Meycauayan East
9. IWC Meycauayan Metro
10. IWC Meycauayan Uptown
11. IWC Roxas
12. IWC San Jose Del Monte
13. IWC San Mateo
14. IWC Santiago
15. IWC Science City Of Munoz
16. IWC Sta. Maria
17. IWC Malolos North
18. IWC Ilagan Diamond
19. IWC Baliuag Jewels

District 377 was chartered on Inner Wheel Year 1987-1988. It was during this IWY that District 377 was first accepted as a member of Inner Wheel Clubs of the Philippines, Inc. (IWCPI). The charter District Chairman was CP Teresita Lim. Before it was chartered, District 377 was listed as a member of District 380 under the leadership of Pres. Poy Castelo of IWC Cabanatuan and Lily Nicolas of IWC Malolos.

The second District Chairman was Neneng Nicolas of IWC Sta. Maria during the IWY 1988-1989, followed by Belen Cecilio of IWC Cabanatuan in 1989-1990, Raquel Sta. Ines of IWC Gapan in 1990-1991, and Zenaida Sumulong of IWC Malolos in 1991-1992. The other Past District Chairmen (PDC) were PDC Zenaida Mabagos of IWC Meycauayan East in 1992-1993, PDC Nita Dela Cruz of IWC Sta. Maria in 1993-1994, Nene Reyes of IWC Malolos in 1994-1995, PDC Juanita Galang of IWC Cabanatuan in 1995-1996, PDC Donna Jiao of IWC Marilao in 1996-1997. The next batch of PDCs were PDC Lolita Roxas of IWC Sta. Maria in 1997-1998, PDC Remy Domigpe of IWC Meycauayan in 1998-1999, PDC Rose Gayagoy of IWC Balagtas in 1999-2000, PDC Zeny Pia in 2000-2001, PDC Lita Zamora of IWC San Jose Del Monte in 2001-2002, PDC Cecilia Ramos of IWc Meycauayan in 2002-2003, PDC Yolly Wycoco of IWC Cabanatuan in 2003-2004, PDC Gloria Ramat of IWC Meycauayan East in 2004-2005, PDC Rosario Wycoco of IWC Meycauayan East in 2005-2006 and PDC Teresita Cruz of IWC Munoz served for 2 years in 2006-2007 & 2007-2008. PDC Angelita Caisido of IWC Uptown became the District Chairman in 2008-2009, followed by PDC Corazon Bunuan of IWC Malolos in 2009-2010, PDC Pinky Bautisa of IWC Guimba in 2010-2011, PDC Eden Soller of IWC Roxas in 2011=2012, PDC Nelia Cabigas of IWC Meycauayan East in 2012-2013, PDC Celia Custodio of IWC Balagtas in 2013=2014 and PDC May Martinez of IWC Sta. Maria in 2014-15.

The District had produced three Past National Presidents, namely: PDC Neneng Nicolas, PDC Zeny Mabagos and PDC Cecilia Ramos.