District 378

IWCPI District 380 started in 1977 with Past National President Flor “Poy” Castelo as the Charter District Chairman until 1979. IWCPI District 380 was again divided and District 378 was organized in July 1, 1987 with Ruby Recio as the Charter District Chairman, with seven (7) clubs: IWC Cubao, IWC Cubao South, IWC Metro Cubao, IWC Fairview, IWC Quezon City, IWC San Francisco del Monte and IWC San Francisco North.

As of June 2020, the district has one hundred eighty-four members (184) members from thirteen (13) clubs: IWC Cubao Edsa, IWC Greenmeadows, IWC Holy Spirit, IWC Holy Spirit New Generation, IWC Holy Spirit Pag-asa, IWC Maharlika QC, IWC Paraiso, IWC Quezon City, IWC QC Congressional, IWC San Francisco del Monte and IWC Turquoise, newly revived club IWC Fairview,  and newly chartered club IWC Quezon City Central and IWC Holy Spirit New Generation Stars.

Prominent Inner Wheel personalities came from IWCPI District 378, foremost of whom is 1983-1984 International Inner Wheel President Esther Vibal, Past International Inner Wheel Board Members: Caridad Velasquez, Anita Tinio and Rosalind Jardeleza, Past Deputy International Inner Wheel Board Member: Josephine “Jo” Catapang. Six (6) Past National Presidents came from this District, namely: Caridad Velasquez, Concepcion Basilio, Lynda Reyes, Fe Victoria de Guia, Rosalind “Linda” Jardeleza, Margarita “Margie” Ortiz Luis and Amelia “Bibie” Jarin.

Past IWCPI officers were Vicky Hechanova (Vice President), Lita Madlansacay (Secretary), Tessie Rodrigo (Vice President),  Josephine “Jo” Catapang (Vice President), Lilia De Vera (Secretary), Lydia Veneracion (Treasurer) Norma Pablo (Treasurer) and Ruby Panso (Vice President). IWCPI D378 members who are currently holding positions as members of the IWCPI Board are: Thelma Ortiz (2nd National Vice President), Fe Victoria de Guia (National Representative), Emily Duterte (Deputy National Representative), and Amelia “Bibie” Jarin (Immediate Past National President. 

Past Inner Wheel Clubs of the Philippines Foundation, Inc. (IWCPFI) Presidents who also came from this District were: Caridad Velasquez as Founding Charter President (1985) with Esther Vibal as one of the incorporators, Jo Catapang, Fe Victoria de Guia, Emily Duterte, Amelia “Bibie” Jarin and Teresita “Tess” Arcega.

Roster of District 378 Chairmen:

1979-1981 Mila Valdez (Cubao, D-380)
1981-1983 Caridad Velasquez+ (Quezon City,D-380)
1985-1986 Josephine Catapang (Cubao, D-380)
1986-1987 Anita Tinio (North SFDM, D-380)
1987-1988 RUBY RECIO+ (Metro Cubao)
1988-1989 Divine Sonido+ (Quezon City)
1989-1990 Lynda Reyes (San Francisco del Monte)
1990-1991 Baby Calangi (North SFDM)
1991-1992 Edmea “Edming” Coloso (Fairview)
1992-1993 Nita Abaquin (Metro Cubao)
1993-1994 Lilia de Vera (Greenmeadows)
1994-1995 Emily Duterte (Metro Cubao)
1995-1996 Emma Flores (Cubao)
1996-1997 Rosalind Jardeleza (Cubao EDSA)
1997-1998 Thelma Ortiz (Greenmeadows)
1998-1999 Norma Pablo (Fairview)
1999-2000 Aida Roque (Uptown Cubao)
2000-2001 Mila Florentino (Metro SFDM)
2001-2002 Carol Obeña (Metro SFDM)
2002-2003 Grace Agustin (Quezon City)
2003-2004 Amelia ”Bibie” Jarin (Fairview)
2004-2005 Zenaida “Zeny” Cruz (Metro SFDM)
2005-2006 Teresita “Tess” Arcega (San Francisco Del Monte)
2006-2008 Margarita “Margie” Ortiz Luis (Greenmeadows)
2008-2009 Rufina “Nini” Jorge (Quezon City)
2009-2010 Isabelita “Lita” Jaingue (Uptown Cubao)
2010-2011 Ruby Panso (Cubao EDSA)
2011-2013 Norma Calleja (Paraiso)
2013-2014 Angelica “Angie” Roa-Yu (Quezon City)
2014-2015 Michelle Tongos (Paraiso)
2015-2016 Rhodora “Dhora” Noveno (Quezon City)
2016-2017 Mary Bernadette “Bette” Pangulayan (San Francisco del Monte)
2017-2018 Rosalinda “Roselyn” Capoquian (Holy Spirit)
2018-2019 Khristtine VF “Tine” Ngo (San Francisco del Monte)
2019-2020 Mary Anne Gutierrez (Holy Spirit New Generation)
2020-2021 Cynthia “Chit” Reyes (San Francisco del Monte)