Message from the National President

Our journey as Wonder Workers now begins. It will be a year of blessings for us as we create opportunities for women, the youth, the elderly, the community and those in the fringes of society for them to have better lives.

Our role in Inner Wheel has always been to understand and respond to our societal needs, using our sphere of influence and resources to connect people, advance the cause of women, and service the needs of our communities. We aim to empower the smallest in our society because when we lift one child, one woman, or one student, we lift their entire families, help them create their own little wonders, and soon, we become the bricklayers in building a strong foundation in our nation building

We are ready to fly and soar high! Welcome aboard. This is your captain speaking. Have a safe flight, Wonder Women!


National President, IWY 2022-2023