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Message from the National President

Greetings of hope to all!

The word CHANGE is challenging, as it means a lot of interpretation and meaning to each one of us.  But we need to change for the better especially in this uncertain times of COVID-19 pandemic.

For Inner Wheel Year 2020-2021, let us once more renew our commitment to the Inner Wheel Creed: “Selflessness in Friendship and Service to Humanity” with our IIW President Bina Vyas IIW Theme for IWY 2020-21:  “Lead the Change “.  

Let this new theme be a reminder that in this rapidly evolving technology-driven age – when people separated by vast oceans can communicate with each other through the wonders of the internet; when  majority of the world’s population still live in the shadow of poverty, crime, hunger, drugs and racial hatred. There are tremendous unmet challenges in every community and it is our task as Inner Wheel members to begin meeting these challenges,  even if we have to face them one at a time. We should start by educating people because ignorance remains the number one roadblock to progress. As the scriptures say “give a man some fish and he will live for a day. But teach him how to fish and he will live a lifetime.”

Allow me to extend my sincerest appreciation to all the people who have given me the opportunity to lead our organization. As cliché as this may sound, let me assure you that I will strive to fulfill my duties and huge responsibilities to the best of my capabilities with your wholehearted support and cooperation. And I certainly hope that you will be with me in my new journey all the way.

Despite all the tasks we have before us, we must not neglect to invite our friends and colleagues to join us. Fresh ideas and added hands are always welcome in the inner wheel. And if a mark of a good organization is the number of its members that actually and voluntarily participate in its projects. I would say we are doing quite well.

How the Inner Wheel Clubs of the Philippines, Inc. will fare this year is entirely in our hands. No matter what challenges lies ahead of us, let us bank on our tried and tested formula of friendship, teamwork and commitment to carry us through.

I look forward to a very united IWCPI members because this pandemic year requires our patience, understanding, compassion, flexibility and true love for one another. I know we can deliver this.

In closing, let me end by saying that one of the greatest satisfaction in life is creating something you truly believe in..  let us then “LEAD THE CHANGE “ as we wish to see a better world for we are the “CHANGE MAKERS”.

I love you all.  Stay safe.  Hope we will soon see each other face-to-face.


National President

IWY 2020/21

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