IWC San Francisco del Monte Tubig Sa Barrio Project

Inner Wheel Club of San Francisco del Monte visited Sapang Putik Elementary School in San Ildefonso, Bulacan to implement the following projects:

  • “Water Storage Project” – Donation of water storage tank, pressure tank and pressure pump to improve the school’s water distribution system;
  • “Project Safe and Sweet Drinking Water” – donation of a set of water filtration system to provide safe and sweet drinking water sourced from deep well.
  • “Hygiene For All” – In celebration of Global Hand washing, the club donated hygiene packs to 100 students from the Kindergarten and Grade 1 Levels. Each hygiene pack contains hand towel and soap and a “Let’s Stop Germs Poster” to be installed in each home, near the washing area, as a constant reminder for children to be “Germ Busters”, to wash hands often and how to wash properly;
District Chairman Chit and Club President Polly discussing project objectives of Hygiene for all to Sapang Putik Elementary School Principal
Stop Germ posters and hygiene kits to be distributed to 100 Kindergarten and Grade 1 students
Each student is requested to place this poster take picture while washing their hands to promote good hygiene for all
  • “Bust the Germs – Sanitize Before Entry” – Donation of one (1) unit of Hands-Free Alcohol Stand, alcohol, sanitizing agents and distribution of face masks for school teachers and staff;
  •  “Bust the Germs – Sanitize Books and Educational Modules – donation one (1) unit of UVC Germicidal Light to disinfect and sterilize educational materials such as books, modules and student answer sheets before distribution. Sapang Putik Elementary school adopted the Department of Education’s modular learning, and students get and return their modules on a weekly basis for checking and re-issuance.

Donations were personally delivered by IWC San Francisco del Monte Club President Paulina Cuntapay and Immediate Past President Rose Fabellon together with District 378 Chairman Cynthia Reyes.

Since 1989, Inner Wheel Club of San Francisco del Monte, District 378 has maintained this project at Sapang Putik Elementary School in San Ildefonso, Bulacan.  What started as donation of artesian well, now evolved into a health and education project for the benefit of the students, teachers, parents and nearby residents. 

Through the years, club regularly visits and improves the water system of the school. Drinking faucets with filters were installed and was able to house the two deep wells that supply water to the herbal, vegetable and flower garden.  They also implemented training programs for the school teachers and distribute educational materials for the school.

Tubig Sa Barrio (Water for the Community) is a National Directed Project of the Inner Wheel Clubs of the Philippines, Inc. (IWCPI), which aims to provide potable water to rural as well as in urban poor areas of the country.

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