Climate Change Mitigation Caravan to Save Mother Earth

IWC SFDM participated in RI District 3780 Climate Change Mitigation Caravan from QC Memorial Circle to Clark Freeport Zone, Angeles CIty Pampanga last. This endeavor was hosted by RC SFDM in partnership with DENR, Philippine Red Cross, Clark Freeport Authority, SCTEX Phil National Police and Fontana Leisure Park. 2500 Cupang (Fire Tree) Seedlings were planted by the different clubs from RI Districts 3770, 3780, 3790, 3800, 3810, 3820, IWCPI, IWC Quezon City and IWC Turquoise members along Centennial Road, Clark Freeport Zone. During the Converging Program, National President Cecille Ferrer made a commitment on behalf of the IWCPI members that it will support this endeavor through its National Directed Project for Ecology and Environment.

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