IWC San Fernando La Union holds its 1st Health Summit

HEALTH SUMMIT  is a holistic concept of Health Service.. It comprises a Medical  Mission which tackles the CURATIVE aspect and that of Disease Awareness Campaign which tackles the PREVENTIVE  & SOCIAL  aspects of Health.  In Santiago, Ilocos Sur, the LGU had joined the IWC- San Fernando La Union for this 1st   Health Summit ever in the province of Ilocos Sur in the Northern Philippines.

The summit includes Pediatric consultations for 288 children; medical consultation for 350 adults; ENT Consultations (Ear, Nose, Throat) such as Removal of Impacted Cerumen for 2 adults and 23 children, screening of neck masses,  cleft Lip & cleft palate for 36 patients; Dental Mission – Fluoride coating of the teeth for 106 children and tooth extraction for 6 adults. Opthalmology consultation for 3 patients referred to Ilocos Training & Regional Medical Center for Cataract Operation; Newborn Screening and Obstetric Consultation & Fetal Monitoring for 15 pregnant patients.

Medical Consultation
ENT Consultation
Dental consultation
Opthalmology consultation
Newborn Screening and Obstetric Consultation & Fetal Monitoring

In addition to this, lectures on Dengue, Pneumonia, Measles, Leptospirosis (prepared by District Chairman Jeisela Gaerlan, a  Pediatrician). Pamphlets translated in “Ilocano” vernacular were distributed for proper information dissemination.

YOLO”  You Only Live Once – lectures to Adolescents on “Drug Abuse & Bad Effects of  Smoking” and lecture on Teenage Pregnancy were also conducted for the youth.

Lectures on Nutrition:  “Pinggang Pinoy”  were given to mothers which discussed the preparation of nutritious food for their children.

“Reach Out and Read Program”- an Early Literacy Program (0-5 years old) Story Telling were conducted followed by giving one book per child.

Certificate of Appreciation handed by the Municipality of Santiago, Ilocos Sur to the Inner Wheel Club of  San Fernando La Union with IWC members Dianne Gatchalian,  Mary Jane Hao and District 379 Chairman  Jeisela B. Gaerlan.


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