IWC Uptown Dagupan E-Stories Virtual Project: Finding Hope in the “New Normal”

Amidst this unprecedented time and the uncertainty of the “New Normal”, we find hope in stories that inspire, transform, and change.  IWCUD E-Stories is a virtual project spearheaded by IWC of Uptown Dagupan D379 and the Philippine Red Cross Pangasinan, in partnership with the Department of Education Divisions of Dagupan, San Carlos, and Urdaneta Cities of Pangasinan. 

The vision-mission of this project is to share story books, poems, art works, films, podcasts, blogs, vlogs, and/or TED Talks with learners of the DepEd schools, private schools, and the Philippine Red Cross Pangasinan communities using the virtual platform.  The hope is to inspire and motivate children and families to dream and aspire for a brighter future, to study and learn more, to serve and build their communities, and to change the world for the better. 

The first E-Story, ANGELA’S BATTLE AT HAPPYLAND,  is a children’s e-Story Book about HAND WASHING originally written and recorded in English by 14 year-old girls, and translated in Filipino, and other Filipino languages:  Pangasinan and Ilocano.  It is the story of Angela and her pet dog, Grover, who live in the Kingdom of Happyland, besieged by monsters – the Blorgons.  Angela, Grover, and Happyland’s citizens discover the miracle and power of WASHING HANDS to defeat them!

Cover of the E-Story Book, ANGELA’S BATTLE AT HAPPYLAND, in the original English version, and in the Filipino, Pangasinan, and Ilocano translations.  The story is about a kingdom named HAPPYLAND, conquered by monsters called BLORGONS, defeated by its citizens through the magic of HAND WASHING. This is in partnership with PRed Cross – Pangasinan Chapter and the DepEd Divisions of Dagupan, San Carlos, and Urdaneta Cities, Pangasinan.

In celebration of GLOBAL HANDWASHING MONTH (October)  and instilling in young learners its importance during this time of “New Normal”, the story of Angela through lessons in their virtual classrooms, creatively teaches, inspires and motivates them to help their families and communities continue to be safe and healthy in this time of pandemic.  Target date for upload on the DepEd’s Learning Management system (LMS) or the DepEd Commons, and to share with private and public schools in Pangasinan is within this month of October.  The aim, through the DepEd Commons, is to share this nationwide.  With this creative campaign for global hand washing, we find hope in our world’s “New Normal”.

1st E-Story lined up for IWC Season 2020-21.  October 2020 Launch.  The E-Story Book, ANGELA’S BATTLE AT HAPPYLAND, is read and presented in the virtual classes of the Preschool to Grades 1 – 2 pupils of the EDNAS Group of Schools, Pangasinan – Dagupan, San Carlos, Alaminos – as part of its regular Hand Washing campaign to the children.

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